How to become a member

FPO’s membership and annual payment

In our organisation we have a private memberhisp, which means that every lifter is FPO’s member and no one needs to belong into any other organisation or team. The membership is one year long and the board admits every membership and announces it to the applicant.

From 2014 the organisation has decited that only the persons that have FPO’s membership are allowed to compete in FPO’s competitions. The membership will be checked on the competition stage by FPO’s membershipcard. FPO’s membership costs 50€ from adults and 30€ from juniors (under 23 years). New members will be charged an 10€ joining fee.

The payment must be made to FPO-yhdistys Ry’s bank account : FI5711543000104618.

The membership doesn’t cover an incuranse so the organisation or the competition organisators are not liable for any injuries. The injuries are on the lifters own responsibity and we strongly advice you to get an incurance.

How to become a member?

New lifter must apply for the membership from FPO’s board by this way:

Adult 18 years: send email to the president and tell about your will to become a member.

The applying form must include the following information:

Date of birth
Why FPO?
Earlier powerlifting background and possible reason for breaking away from earlier organisation?

Also under 18 years old member applicant must give parental consent to FPO for the possible membership. Under 18 year old applicant can get the form from the president.